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"Holistic" fitness??

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

The term "holistic" can take on multiple definitions itself. So when it comes to "holistic fitness," you will probably get different answers from different people. Truly, holistic fitness means looking at more than just your physical goals such as decreasing body fat or increasing muscle mass.

The systems in your body do not work in silos. Your hormones can impact your blood glucose levels. Your knee injury can impact your overall inflammation levels. Your magnesium deficiency can impact your ability to create vitamin D. Your use of certain medications can impact your gut microbiome and serotonin levels. Those are just a few examples of the thousands ways everything in your body works together.

Here are the things I look at with clients that are wanting more of a holistic approach to their health.


I'm interested in the quality and quantity. This can give us some insight on your hormone health and possible nutrient deficiencies.

Gut Health

Many people are aware now how important gut health is. Your gut health will impact how well you digest ab absorb your food, immune function, mood, energy and more.

Movement Patterns

I'm looking for muscle imbalances, range of motion issues, pain or discomfort. Many of us have issues due to our posture, occupation, injuries, etc.

Joint Health

Similar to movement patterns, I want to know how we can improve or preserve joint health. The health of your joints can also point to signs of nutrient deficiencies.

Environmental Toxins

I know you've heard me talk about these a lot, but they can have a profound impact on hormones, thyroid function and more making huge impacts on your health. We will look at use of fragrances and plastics mostly.


Just like mentioned above with toxins, our hormones can have huge impacts on our well being and most likely impact our physical goals. Many women struggle with estrogen dominance and high cortisol. Those things have to be addressed.

Strength/Muscle Mass

More and more evidence is showing a correlation between longevity and muscle mass. Every individual needs to be strength training.


This is probably pretty obvious.. Eating nourishing foods and avoiding foods that are not serving our body well is priority number one. If you're not eating well, chances are other functions in your body will suffer.


Most individuals are not getting everything they need from diet alone. Choosing high quality supplements that you, specifically, need can help close that gap for optimal health.


When discussing stability, I am referring to stability in our joints as well as core strength. Stabilization is the foundation to built strength upon and to protect us from injury.

Medical History

We're talking blood pressure, surgeries, cholesterol, injuries, etc. All of these things can impact various things in our body such as overall inflammation.


Every fitness professional needs to know your medications - including oral contraception (hormone health) and antibiotic use (gut health).

Cycle (for women)

I am interested in the predictability of your cycle, how painful periods are, etc. These things can give us insight to your hormone health. But also, we want to adjust our training program around our cycle so we are working with our body, not against it.

Other things we look at can be relative to the individual.

We do NOT tackle all of these things at once. I may ask you about them to get a bigger picture of your health, but together we can slowly make improvements in these areas so you are THRIVING.

Check out my fitness services on the site to find out how we can work together!


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